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Become a student leader!

Come join SABVC as a student leader to learn about governance, leadership, and advocacy; while offering valuable contributions into your student community. 

Most importantly, you can have a lot of fun and no experience is required!  

The information below is designed to help you get answers for those questions.  

There are numerous advantages to being a student leader, all of which can positively impact your experience at Bow Valley College.

Gain real-world experience in a professional environment

Receive a monthly honorarium for your valuable contributions

Be part of a vibrant student community and make a lasting impact!

Networking opportunities, access exclusive resources and contribute to positive changes on campus.

What do I get being a student leader? 

So, are you thinking of running? 

SABVC student leaders will now have 9 Board of Directors:

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9 Board of Directors

As members of the Board of Directors, you will play a crucial role in the Students' Leadership team. Your responsibilities will include advocating for students and contributing to the Association’s decisions related to finance and governance that align with SABVC's goals and objectives.

After the elections, will then select the Vice and President of the Board of Directors.

What is the time commitment?

Is there any compensation for a student leader position?

How do I know if I’m eligible?

Can international students apply?

I don’t have any professional experience; can I still apply?

2024 Elections Dates and Deadlines 

Okay, I am thinking of applying!

Great! Please read more through our Elections page to learn about our Elections Process and how to apply.

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