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Additional Election FAQs

Important dates to add to your calendar

What are the two mandatory meetings?

If I get elected, when do I start and end my term as a student leader?

What if I don’t have enough experience? / Will I get training?

What if I'm not interested in government or politics?

Why should I run?

Can I take courses at the same time?

If I don’t want to be an Executive or Councillor, are there other ways to get involved?

Become a Student Leader

The nomination period for the 2023-2024 election has concluded. Please stay tuned for information about the next student election period.

Still have questions, who can you reach out to? 

Of course! The best way to learn about becoming a student leader is to ask! Come chat with our team and our current student leaders. You will get a better idea of what you will be doing and what the overall experience is like at SABVC.

If you have questions about the available positions or elections in general, please email us at


If you want to reach out to our current Executive Committee members, please email them at:

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