SABVC Executive Committee

Meet the team!


Dhruv Jani

Director of External Affairs


Dhruv is a hard-working, loyal student leader whose dedication to the Association speaks for itself as he's currently serving in his 2nd year on SABVC's Executive Committee after spending 2021-2022 as Director of Internal Affairs. His goals for 2022-2023 revolve around tuition, and meaningful consultation at the college and government levels. In his spare time, Dhruv enjoys reading, dancing, cooking, and sports such as badminton, soccer, and chess.

Taiani Bressan

Director of Internal Affairs


Taiani, also known affectionately as "Tai," is a passionate student advocate currently serving as the Director of Internal Affairs on SABVC's Executive Committee. Tai sees a bright future for SABVC, bearing a strong set of goals for her term in office relative to campus security, sexual violence prevention, mental health, and Indigenous representation. On her days off, you can find Tai painting, reading, writing, and spending time with her husband and cat.


Juliana Constantino

Director of Finance


Juliana is the Executive Committee's strategic planner and critical thinker - currently serving as SABVC's Director of Finance. She loves being surrounded by an academic environment and has aspirations of providing new services and creating new opportunities for students. Away from the SABVC office, Juliana enjoys spending time with family and binging TV shows.

Dorothy Man

Board of Governors Representative


As SABVC's Board of Governors Representative, Dorothy serves as an important voice for BVC students. Her goals for the Association include the development of team and project management. When she's not representing her fellow student colleagues in the board room, Dorothy loves to cook, travel, hike, swim, and do yoga.