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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the executive authority of SABVC. It is responsible for the Association internal and external affairs, operating and managing its finance to achieve SABVC Strategic Plan’s goals.

The Executive Committee represents BVC students’ interests to the College, internal and external stakeholders, all levels of government, and the community.

There are three roles for the Executive Committee:

Director of External Affairs

Responsible for building and maintaining community relationships outside of BVC. Key areas of focus: external advocacy; governance of external affairs; networking; lobbying; fundraising and partnership.

Director of Internal Affairs

Responsible for advocating students’ interests within the College community. Key areas of focus: student voice; academic affairs; mental health and wellness; culture and diversity; clubs; campus engagement.

Director of Finance

Responsible for ensuring that SABVC’s services and finance are effective. Key areas of focus: finance; budget; health and dental plan; student services; administration


2023 - 2024 term


Waggie Alquiros

Director of External Affairs


Julian Sison

Director of Internal Affairs

john -finance.jpg

John Padlan

Director of Finance


Jonabelle Defensor

Board of Governors Representative

Become a Student Leader

The nomination period for the 2023-2024 election has concluded. Please stay tuned for information about the next student election period.

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