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Become a student leader!

Do you want your voice heard and represent the voices of other students? Curious about the elections? Are you wondering what this is all about? 

The information below is designed to help you get answers for those questions.  

Come join SABVC as a student leader to learn about governance, leadership, and advocacy; while offering valuable contributions into your student community. 

Most importantly, you can have a lot of fun and no experience is required!  

There are numerous advantages to being a student leader, all of which can positively impact your experience at Bow Valley College.

Gain real-world experience in a professional environment

Receive a monthly honorarium for your valuable contributions

Be part of a vibrant student community and make a lasting impact!

Networking opportunities, access exclusive resources and contribute to positive changes on campus.

What do I get being a student leader? 

So, are you thinking of running? 

Your first step will be to decide which position you want to run for. SABVC student leaders are split in two groups: the Students’ Council and the Executive Committee 

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Students’ Council


As a Councilor, you will be a part of Students’ Council which is made up of one representative from each school at Bow Valley College, as well as one Indigenous representative, and one regional campus representative.  

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Executive Committee

(Executive/Director Positions)

The Executive Committee is the executive authority of SABVC. It is responsible for the Association internal and external affairs, operating and managing its finance to achieve SABVC Strategic Plan’s goals. 

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Explore the roles within each group by clicking on the "check more" button. Once you've chosen the role that resonates with you, check more information below.

What is the time commitment?

Is there any compensation for a student leader position?

How do I know if I’m eligible?

Can international students apply?

I don’t have any professional experience; can I still apply?

Important dates to remember

Okay, I want to apply!

To become a candidate and run for elections, you are required to:


Collect signatures for your Nominee Form


Fill out and submit the Nomination Package


Attend two mandatory meeting: All-Candidate Meeting and All-Candidate Forum

Before you click to apply, note:

Candidates aren’t allowed to change or edit their package once it’s been submitted. We STRONGLY recommend filling out the form in one sitting as you don’t have the option to save.

TIP: have your answers (‘Tell us about yourself’ & ‘What are your goals’) and the Nominees Form ready to go before clicking on the nomination package link!

The nomination for the 2023-2024 election has concluded. Please stay tuned for information about the next student election period.

I still have questions, can I reach out? 

Of course! The best way to learn about becoming a student leader is to ask! Come chat with our team and our current student leaders. You will get a better idea of what you will be doing and what the overall experience is like at SABVC.

If you have questions about the available positions or elections in general, please email us at If you want to reach out to our current Executive Committee members, please email them at:

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