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SABVC Mental Health & Wellness Initiatives

SABVC prioritizes the mental health and well-being of our student members. Through a range of supportive programs and resources, we're dedicated to fostering a campus culture that promotes mental wellness. Join us in prioritizing self-care, resilience, and community support as we navigate the journey towards better mental health, together.

College life can be stressful, with tight budgets, balancing work and studies, and facing looming deadlines. The Students’ Association of Bow Valley College recognizes these challenges and has long supported the Mental Health Initiative. Through mental health awareness events each term, we aim to provide students with a break and foster open discussions about mental health.

SABVC Mental Health & Wellness Initiatives Includes

Puppy Rooms

Massages for Mental Health

Breakfast Break

Relaxation amenities like ping pong, Jenga, and board games are available at the SABVC office, offering students stress relief and relaxation.


SABVC is also proud to be a part of the 'mywellnessplan' services, available under your 'mystudentplan' benefits. Explore a wide range of helpful solutions and essential information to support your optimal mental health. Additional resources are provided below.

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