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Why does SABVC have elections?

SABVC is conducting elections to uphold the principles of representative democracy among the student members of Bow Valley College. We need our student members to choose their representatives who will advocate for their interests, voice their concerns, and make decisions on their behalf.

Elections within SABVC are essential to ensure accountability, encourage diverse perspectives, and empower students, while also promoting transparency, progress, and checks and balances within the organization.

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At the heart of the Students' Association Bow Valley College is the spirit of student ownership and leadership. Every year, we're on the lookout for enthusiastic student leaders who are eager to champion SABVC's mission and enhance the student experience we offer.

How to get involved

Exploring student leadership can greatly enhance your student experience, offering a myriad of compelling reasons to engage and grow within our students' association. For a comprehensive overview of why and how to become a student leader, be sure to check out the 'Becoming a Student Leader' section for more details.

Election Campaign & Voting FAQs

When can candidates begin campaigning for SABVC elections?

How are eligibility and fairness ensured in SABVC elections?

Are there specific policies candidates must adhere to during SABVC elections?

Who has the right to vote in SABVC elections?

How is the voting process conducted for SABVC elections held online?

How is the winning candidate determined?

What happens when there is only one nomination for a position?

Can decisions made during the electoral process be appealed?

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