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Meet the new Board of Directors!

Please welcome the new student leaders for the 2024-2025 term. 

About SABVC’s Elections

SABVC holds an annual general election to fill positions on the Board of Directors (BOD). The BOD play an important role in advocating for the rights of over 7000 members to the College, community, and all levels of government. 

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It is important for members to elect representative to advocate for their interests, voice their concerns, and make decisions on their behalf. Make your voice heard from March 26 to 27! 

2024 Elections Dates and Deadlines 

Nomination period: February 20 to March 12, 2024 
All-Candidates Meeting: March 15, 2024 (mandatory) 
Campaign period: March 19 to 25, 2024 
Voting period: March 26 to 27, 2024 
Results announcement: March 28, 2024 
Orientation Day: April 5, 2023 (mandatory to all elected candidates) 

How to get involved

Exploring student leadership can greatly enhance your student experience, offering a myriad of compelling reasons to engage and grow within our students' association. For a comprehensive overview of why and how to become a student leader, be sure to check out the 'Becoming a Student Leader' section for more details.

Voting FAQs

Who is eligible to vote? 

Where can I cast my vote? 

If I have a problem with my voting link, who should I contact?

Where can I access information about the candidates to help me in making an informed decision? 

Can I vote in person? 

How many candidates can I vote for? 

When can I vote? 

Why should I vote? 

Elections FAQs

Where can I find the election results? 

Who are the Board of Directors (BODs)? 

Are there rules candidates must adhere to during SABVC elections? 

If I get elected, when do I start and end my term as a student leader? 

What is the mandatory meeting?  

What if I don’t have enough experience to run in the elections? 

Can first-year students run in the election?  

If I don’t want to be a student leader, are there other ways to get involved?

Okay, I want to apply!

To become a candidate and run for elections, you are required to:



Attend the mandatory All-Candidate Meeting 

Before you click to apply, note:

Candidates aren’t allowed to change or edit their package once it’s been submitted. We STRONGLY recommend filling out the form in one sitting as you don’t have the option to save. Last day of submission is on March 12, 2024.

TIP: have your answers (‘Tell us about yourself’ & ‘What are your goals’) and the Nominees Form ready to go before clicking on the nomination package link!

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