Want to join a club?

Awesome! We have a number of current clubs on campus. See below for a list of clubs, as well as contact information to join. 

Cultural Club


Hob Club (Hobby Club)


K-Pop Dance Club


Pride Club


Sikh Club


Student Media Organization Club



Don't see a club you want to join but have a great idea for a new one? Learn how to start a club below!

Want to start a club?

That’s great! Clubs are an excellent way to bring people with similar interests together! First things first: Do you know what it means to ratify a club? It means formally registering your club at SABVC. Here are the 5 steps you will need to follow:

1. Envision a new club

Plan out the purpose and vision for this new club. What will the goal of your club be? How is it different from existing clubs? What will the club’s name be?

2. Find members & club executives

You will need minimum of 5 members and 3 club executives – a President, Vice-President, and Treasurer to start your club.

3. Complete the Student Club Ratification Application

Complete the application package and develop a constitution. If you have any questions, feel free to use our SABVC clubs representative as a resource. We strongly recommend that you read the Clubs Policy and Clubs Procedures documents while you are completing the application.

4. Meet with SABVC staff

Fill out a club application package and either bring it into to our office or email it to adhingra@sabvc.ca and we will help make sure everything is accurate and that you understand all you need to know to start your club.

5. Await approval from Student’s Council

Club representatives are welcome to attend the Students’ Council meeting where your application will be reviewed for ratification.