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SABVC Scholarships and Awards

The Students' Association Bow Valley College is committed to providing support and inspiration for student initiatives and aspirations.

We take pride in recognizing and honoring student achievements and their positive impact on campus life through the presentation of various awards and scholarships at our annual Students' Association Awards Ceremony.

Student Award Deadlines

Our Bow Valley College offers a wide range of awards and bursaries beyond those provided by our Students' Association. To learn more, please visit our college website or get in touch with our Student Awards Advisors via email at or by calling 403-410-1440 if you have any questions.

  • Spring/Summer - applications open May 1st, deadline July 1st

  • Fall - applications open September 1st, deadline November 1st

  • Winter - applications open January 1st, deadline March 1st

If you're interested in applying for our awards, please be sure to keep the deadlines in mind. For more information about the details, please visit Bow Valley College's Awards portal.

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