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Bow Valley College to receive $400,000 in funding for learning opportunities for women

Today, the Alberta government shared news of an investment to help employ women in STEM field, including science, technology, engineering, and math:

"Alberta’s government is investing $1 million in these bursary programs. Both Bow Valley College and NorQuest College will receive funding of $400,000 while Yellowhead Tribal College will receive $200,000. The bursaries will cover a portion of tuition and fees and help recipients pay for services they need to succeed in their studies, which could include school supplies, technology, laptops and accessories, child care and transportation."

"To ensure that more women have the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education in STEM programs, new funding is being provided to bursary programs at Bow Valley College in Calgary and NorQuest College and Yellowhead Tribal College, both in Edmonton.

Many women face financial and personal challenges in their pursuit of post-secondary education and this funding investment will address those challenges. It will also help women gain the knowledge and skills needed for employment in STEM-related fields, helping to increase women’s representation in these sectors."

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