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Get Out The Vote!

The upcoming Provincial Election is currently scheduled for May 2023.

Student Votes Matter!

If you are eligible to vote, pledge to vote now so that we can send you reminders to vote as well as information about your closest polling station, and resources about how to register to vote and ensure you are ready come election day. You can pledge your vote by visiting

Are You Eligible to Vote in the Provincial Election?

In order to vote in the provincial election, students will need to be a Canadian Citizen, a regular resident of Alberta, and must be 18 or older on the date of the election.

To register to vote visit

What ID is Needed to Vote

To vote, you must show identification to prove your identity and current address. You may provide either 1 piece of Government-issued photo ID with your full name and address on it or 2 pieces of ID that both contain a full name and one showing the current physical address.

  • Preferred Voting ID: An Alberta Driver's License or Alberta Identification Card

  • Other Accepted IDs: A post-secondary issued Student ID card or valid passport PLUS a second piece of identification that shows a current address. Secondary pieces may include a personal cheque, bank or credit card, correspondence from your Post-Secondary Institution, First Nation Membership card, Income Tax Assessment, Metis Nation of Alberta Citizenship card, or other items like this.

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