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Improving access for low-income post-secondary students

Today, the Minister of Advanced Education visited Bow Valley College as the Government of Alberta announced $15 million in funding over the next three years toward bursaries for low-income students in Alberta. SABVC’s Director of External Affairs, Dhruv Jani, attended the event and responded on behalf of students.

“SABVC is delighted to learn of new bursaries for low-income learners,” said Jani. “We’ve all been there – juggling our assignments, social lives, professional aspirations, and our part-time jobs while laying the foundation for our future in college classrooms.”

The New Beginnings Bursary will provide up to $5000 to students participating in programs that have been identified as “in-demand.”

“The funding announced today will undoubtedly go a long way in supporting students who need financial aid the most,” said Jani. “On behalf of the Students’ Association of Bow Valley College, we look forward to the positive impact this will make on students facing financial insecurities.”

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