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Lunch Locker is here!

SABVC is excited to announce the newest service available for students!



What is it?

The Lunch Locker is a new service being offered by SABVC which will allow students to rent a refrigerated locker in the market area of BVC for a monthly fee. This locker can be used to store food, beverages, breast milk, and other items which require refrigeration.

Where is the fridge located?

In the market on the 2nd floor of South Campus

When will it be available for use?

The app is available to download and use now!

What is the process for renting a unit and accessing the fridge?

  • Step 1: Download the Lunch Locker App by visiting the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store. There are also QR codes that can be scanned on the fridge.

  • Step 2: Create an account through the app using your myBVC email, and subscribe to SABVC's fridge.

  • Step 3: Access your unit through the app, and begin storing your items.

What is the cost to rent a unit in the fridge?

$20 per month

How do I pay for a locker?

Payment can be made by credit card only, through the app. SABVC will not be accepting payment at the front desk.

Will I get a key to unlock my unit?

No. Accessing your locker will be entirely done through the mobile app.

How many lockers are available?

There are currently 12 units available.

What if all lockers are rented already? How do I get one?

Unfortunately, SABVC is only offering 12 locker units right now. Please check back on the availability of the lockers by visiting the app.

Can BVC staff rent a locker?

No, this service is reserved for BVC students.

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