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Mental Health Week 2024: A Call To Be Kind

This year’s #MentalHealthWeek is all about compassion! Join the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) in a conversation about how #CompassionConnects from May 6-12. Download your toolkit today at 

Compassion isn't just about being kind to others, it's about extending that same kindness to ourselves.

Compassion is the practice of meeting suffering – whether our own or the suffering of others – with kindness.

What is compassion - CMHA-MHW2024
Download PDF • 426KB

A week of compassion - CMHA-MHW2024
Download PDF • 278KB

The mental health impacts of compassion - CMHA-MHW2024
Download PDF • 415KB

The practice of self-compassion - CMHA-MHW2024
Download PDF • 419KB

CMHA-MHW2024 - Poster - English
Download PDF • 2.44MB

Download the complete toolkit at 

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