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More Events Coming Up!

November 2023 - events lineup

As we approach the finals of our Fall Term 2023, we still have more exciting events prepared just for you.

- Next week, be sure to check out our stress-relief events: 1. Sit and Sip with SABVC on Monday, Nov 20 2. Oxygen Bar on Tuesday, Nov 21

- **Annual General Meeting (AGM)** on Wednesday, Nov 22 – a major highlight of this term. At the AGM, SABVC's student leaders will present a list of accomplishments from the past year and propose a budget for the upcoming year for review and approval by the student members.

- Join us for the last session of the Unlock Your Voice program on Thursday, Nov 23. - Come unwind and de-stress in our 'Puppy Room' event on Nov 28. - The most exciting, End of the Year Holiday Party is on Nov 29. - Lastly, don't miss our Thrift Fest | WINS on Campus on Nov 30

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