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SABVC's Exclusive Student Package with First Steps

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

SABVC has partnered with First Steps to address the growing influx of students arriving in Calgary for study, specially for international students often with family, seeking better living conditions and opportunities. Housing is a major concern due to rising prices and increased competition. In response, SABVC, driven by the desire to offer the best for its student members, collaborated with First Steps to create a specialized Student Package. This package includes support for property rental, internet, utilities, tenant insurance, mattress purchase, and storage, assistance with opening a bank account, and guidance on obtaining Canadian documents. To access this package, students should schedule a free video call, present proof of SABVC membership, and make a full payment through WISE upon signing the contract. The offer extends to speakers of Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French and is valid for Winter and Spring Terms.

Additionally, First Steps offers Housing, Basic, and Plus Packages, with payment split into three installments.

Student Package offered by First Steps to SABVC members

Support for property rental: Analysis of the properties selected by the client(s) (as many as necessary), in-person visit of up to 3 (three) properties via video call, preparation of documentation for the rental application for the chosen property, analysis of the rental contract, acting as reference in the rental process and receipt of keys.

Note: we do not recommend buildings with electric heating, the electricity bill is absurdly expensive.

Internet, Utilities and Tenant Insurance: We offer support for contracting Internet, Utilities and Tenant Insurance and all services will be contracted before arrival at the property.

The Internet service will be contracted by clients and the entire installation will be monitored by the clients upon arrival at the property.

Mattress purchase and storage: The mattress will be purchased in advance by the customer (online purchase on a website chosen by the customer). Our delivery address will be made available (we have space available), where it will be stored until possession of the property when it will be taken so that it is ready for use.

Opening a Bank Account and obtaining Canadian documents: Guidance on how to obtain the necessary documentation (ID, Alberta Health Care and SIN number) to reside in the province of Alberta. Guidance on opening a bank account. We do not provide transportation for this service.

Welcome kit: Basket with basic items for arrival: 1 bathroom curtain, toilet paper, bath kit, water, cookies and chocolates.

To access this package, the student will receive instructions to schedule a free video call for guidance and must present proof of membership provided by SABVC. For good performance, we recommend that students contact us at least 3 months before their scheduled arrival date in Calgary. We will draw up a service contract and service will begin after payment.

We can serve speakers in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

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