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There's Hiring for Peer Writing Coach!

Position Title: Peer Writing Coach

Term: Winter 2024

Number of Hours: Up to 20 hours per week.

The student will be paid $15 per hour.

Length of Position: 1 semester (with the possibility of continuing)


A Peer Writing Coach’s role is to work on specific questions (e.g., How can I improve my writing? What is subject-verb agreement? What are articles and where do I insert them in a sentence? What is a thesis? etc.) or parts of an assignment brought by the student. A Peer Writing Coach must commit to regularly scheduled shifts (minimum 2 hours per week) during which they will be physically located in the tutoring space inside the library, and willing to contribute to resource development if not booked by students. A Peer Writing Coach does not need to have prior knowledge of study or writing strategies, but they must be willing to learn new ones. 


As a Peer Writing Coach, you will need to:

  • Successfully complete the online Peer Writing Coach training module

  • Be available in-person at the Bow Valley College downtown Calgary campus for your regularly scheduled shifts

  • Be aware of the use and function of APA-style documentation

  • Attain knowledge of the Academic Success Centre supports and suggest extra help when students need it

  • Meet regularly with the Writing Coaches to develop peer support skills and troubleshoot any concerns that arise


As a Peer Writing Coach, you must have the following general skills:

  • Interpersonal skills, including strong communication, mentoring/ coaching skills, understanding of boundaries and confidentiality, and the ability to respond to students positively

  • Time management skills, including reliability, punctuality, and ability to budget appointment time

  • Strong technology skills including use and troubleshooting of MS Teams, D2L, and resources available on the Bow Valley College website


As a Peer Writing Coach, you must commit to:

  • A regularly scheduled 2 hours per week (minimum) for Drop-in appointment times

  • Supervisory meetings scheduled during your shift


  • Interest in adding to your college experience by helping students develop their academic skills

  • Good academic standing

  • Ability to get a reference from an instructor which outlines your skills


Interested? Have questions? Or you would like to apply?

Please email Josh Mackenzie:

Subject line: Peer Writing Coach position

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