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What You Need To Know for Spring 2023

The Spring 2023 semester has officially begun and we want to help you start off the new semester right, with all the thing you need to know!

UPass is available NOW

Full time learners can enroll in the optional transit pass for the Spring semester. The cost of this pass is $291.20 and it will give you unlimited access to Calgary Transit services from May - August. To learn more about how to opt-in, visit

The last day to register for the UPass is May 30, 2023.

SABVC Office

The SABVC office is located on the 2nd floor of South Campus and we are here for you! Our office is the perfect place for you to hang out with friends, relax, study, or play board games. In our office we have:

  • FREE hygiene products

  • board games

  • couches, comfy chairs and tables to hang out/study

  • 2 computers for students to use

  • phone charging station

  • landline free for students to use

We are also here to help. Please come by and ask questions whenever you need a hand figuring something out.

Student Clubs

With the new semester, we are looking forward to helping you start a new club. Clubs can be a great way to make friends on campus. Do you have a great idea of a club to start? It's easy!

To learn more about starting a club visit or send an email to You can also come by our office and ask to speak with our Student Services Programmer, Arshit Dhingra, and he will help you out.

SABVC provides help with start up costs, club event costs, and information on how to run a club.

Health & Dental Plan

SABVC provides students with essential programs and services to make sure they have affordable Extended Health & Dental Coverage.

To learn more about your Health & Dental Plan Benefits, please visit or come by the SABVC office and speak with the benefits office in person.

Please note the deadline to opt-out, flex, add-on, or re-enroll to your plan is June 6, 2023. To make changes, visit

Follow SABVC on Social Media

The best way to stay informed on all things SABVC is to follow us on socials! This is where we post important information, campus closures, events, and more. Follow us on any of the following platforms:

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