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How SABVC President's Group Tutoring Initiative Transformed Academic Achievement

A Success Story

Eddie Boy Argonza, the President of the Students’ Association of Bow Valley College (SABVC), has always been passionate about education and helping others succeed. Eddie started his term as SABVC President in May 2024, but his journey towards becoming a student leader began much earlier, with a remarkable initiative that has made a significant impact on the academic achievement of our SABVC community.

Peer Tutoring Services

When Eddie was still in his freshman term (Fall 2023), he was introduced to the "Peer Tutoring Services" by one of his instructors. As an international student adjusting to a new learning environment, Eddie initially hesitated to join. However, his long-standing aspiration to become an educator and his passion for teaching drove him to seize the opportunity. With a background as an Accounting Instructor and over seven years of experience as an Accountant, Eddie quickly adapted to the role, extending his expertise to peer tutoring in Introduction to Financial Accounting as well.

He rapidly expanded his role in peer tutoring, assisting numerous students with their courses. Recognizing the growing demand, Eddie initiated "Group Tutoring Sessions," offering an analytical approach to understanding course material. These sessions started with 10-15 students and quickly received positive feedback.

Growing Impact and Recognition

As the initiative grew, we received amazing feedback from students:

During the Winter term, attendance grew to 25-35 students. In recognition of his contributions, Eddie was offered compensation for his sessions, allowing more tutors to join and expanding the initiative to include other programs like Pharmacy Technician.

Ensuring Sustainability and Expansion

To maintain quality, the Peer Tutoring Services Library increased the hourly rate for tutors and included compensation for preparation time. Bow Valley College's Peer Learning Specialist, played a crucial role in supporting the initiative by securing room bookings and facilitating collaboration with instructors.

As the President of the Students’ Association of Bow Valley College and the SABVC Accounting Club, I am privileged to have pioneered this initiative in collaboration with the Peer Tutoring Services Library. I am dedicated to continuing my passion and ensuring the program's longevity until my term ends. I look forward to working with more students in the future and finding fulfillment through this meaningful initiative.

Eddie's story is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and leadership in transforming academic achievement. His Group Tutoring Initiative not only supports students in their studies but also caters a collaborative and supportive learning environment, making a lasting impact on our SABVC community.

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