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Exploring Bow Valley College's Campuses: Spots to check out

Whether you're a new student wanting to find your way around or a returning student who is not yet familiar with campus services, this guide will lead you through the spots that may elevate your student experience. From essential services to cultural hubs, here's a roundup of campus spots to check out:

Bike Cages (South Campus Parking L1 and North Campus Ground)

If you're a pedal-powered commuter, Bow Valley College has your back. The Student's Association of Bow Valley College (SABVC) provides secure bike cages at Parking L1. Keep your bicycle safe and sound while you immerse yourself in campus life.

Tim Hortons - South Campus

Start your day with a caffeine kick or grab a quick snack at the Tim Hortons located on the first floor. Whether you're fueling up for classes or catching up with friends, this is the place to be.

Registrar Office

Do you want to know your student details, credentials, or class schedule? The Registrar's Office on the first floor is your go-to destination for all things related to your academic journey.

BVC Welcome Centre

Need help navigating campus resources? The BVC Welcome Centre is your one-stop shop for assistance. No appointment is required – just drop in and get the guidance you need.

Learner Success Services

Looking to maximize your student experience? The Learner Success Services office is dedicated to supporting your success throughout your educational journey. From study strategies to personal growth, they've got you covered.

Students' Association of Bow Valley College (SABVC)

Get ready for the fun side of college life at the SABVC office on the second floor. Discover a range of services that enhance your experience, from health and dental plans to discounted transit passes and student clubs.

Iniikokaan Centre

The Iniikokaan Centre is a cultural hub for Indigenous-related student support. Explore this space to connect with resources, events, and a community that celebrates Indigenous culture.

Multi-faith Space

Need a moment of tranquility? The multi-faith space offers solace for prayers and reflections, catering to diverse faiths and backgrounds.


Connectivity is key, and the +15 and +30 Skywalks on the second-floor link you to the North Campus Building and Calgary City Hall, making your campus exploration seamless.

BVC Library

On the first floor of the North Campus, the library offers more than just books. Discover research resources, study aids, and access to peer tutor support.

The Market and Campuses' Cafés

Enjoy a culinary journey at the Market and other cafeterias, where you can savor delicious meals while soaking in the campus ambiance.

ATB Halls and Esmail and Safana Bharwani Hall

This hall is more than just a space – it's a hub for events, lectures, and gatherings that contribute to your education.

Study Lounges

Quiet spaces for focused study or collaborative group work – the study lounges on each floor of the campuses provide the environment you need to excel.

Intercultural Centre

Celebrate the diversity that defines Bow Valley College. Engage with various cultures through events, activities, and volunteer opportunities at the Intercultural Centre on the third floor.

ITS Support

Technology hiccups? The ITS Support on the third floor offers assistance with everything from software like Canva access to essential platforms like D2L Brightspace and MS Teams.

Tim Hortons (again!) - Third Floor North Campus

Because sometimes you need that second cup of coffee, and the Tim Hortons on the third floor is there to provide the pick-me-up you're looking for.

Exploring Bow Valley College's Campuses is a journey that promises not just education, but a rich and vibrant student experience. From academic resources to cultural hubs and places to unwind, each spot plays a role in shaping your college life. So, put on your explorer hat and make the most of every moment on this campus.

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